Closing Time: How to Close More Real Estate Deals faster


Closing real estate deals quickly can propel your career to new heights. In this post, we will show you how to close more real estate deals in less time with the help of digital technology. The technology available in this age of the metaverse can help you reduce the time between listing and closing without resorting to pressure tactics.

As a real estate photo editing company, PixelShouters can help you take full advantage of proptech that can slash your listing-marketing-closing timeframes. Virtual property marketing technology has become the best friend of the agent in search of a speedy close. When you cut down on the time it takes to sell a listing, you can achieve constant progress in your career.

How to Close more Real Estate Deals in Sales

Closing a real estate deal in sales involves a range of different steps and processes. First, the buyer must identify a property they are interested in and make an offer to the seller. The seller may then accept the offer, counteroffer, or reject it altogether. Once an offer is accepted, the buyer and seller enter into a contract that outlines the terms and conditions of the sale, including the purchase price, closing date, and any contingencies.

One of the most important factors in closing a real estate deal is building strong relationships with clients throughout the sales process. This involves understanding their needs and preferences, addressing their concerns, and maintaining open lines of communication. By building trust and rapport with clients, agents and brokers can increase the likelihood of closing deals more efficiently.

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Factors that are More Likely to Close a Deal

Speed Up Your Speed To Market:

Your smartphone is your best tool for reducing the amount of time it takes for a listing to go online on MLS websites. With our help, you can obtain professional quality images posted online within 24 hours of shooting. Our image enhancement services can transform the images you shoot with a smartphone into spectacular visuals.

Speed Up Your Marketing:

Marketing that moves quickly is directly tied to marketing speed. Our Day to Dusk feature can transform any property image into a breathtaking masterpiece. Our technology can help you achieve results with the speed of a selfie. It’s never been easier, faster, or more affordable to create marketing materials that attract potential buyers.

Improve Your Marketing:

Professional images, floor plans, virtual tours, videos, and quality written copy have a much greater chance of receiving a solid offer. PixelShouters can help you create virtual property marketing materials that meet all these criteria. Our technologies can assist you in enhancing even the most unimpressive image of a property.

Expand Your Reach:

PixelShouters may increase your reach by producing 3D render tours that highlight the possibilities of the property to investors, the general public, and international buyers. Our technology can help you create virtual tours that lead to deals closing fast and over the asking price.

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Steps to Closing a deal

The process of closing real estate deals can be complex and time-consuming, involving a range of different steps and processes. Some of the key steps involved in closing a sale include:

  • Making the offer: The buyer must make an offer to the seller that includes the purchase price, any contingencies, and a deadline for accepting the offer.
  • Accepting the offer: Once the offer is made, the seller may accept, counteroffer, or reject it altogether. The buyer and seller enter into a contract if the offer is accepted.
  • Inspections: The buyer may choose to have the property inspected to identify any issues or concerns that may affect the sale.
  • Financing: The buyer may need to secure financing to purchase the property, which may involve working with a lender and providing proof of income and creditworthiness.
  • Closing: Once all contingencies have been met and financing has been secured, the sale can close. This entails finalising the papers and transferring the property’s ownership.

Common challenges that arise during the closing process include issues with financing, inspections, or title searches. By staying organized, communicating effectively, and addressing these issues proactively, agents and brokers can help ensure that the closing process runs smoothly and efficiently.

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Techniques for Close More Real Estate Deals

There are a range of different techniques that agents and brokers can use to help close more real estate deals, including:

    • The assumptive close: This technique involves assuming that the buyer has already agreed to the sale and presenting them with paperwork to sign, rather than asking if they are ready to close. This technique can be effective in situations where the buyer is hesitant or uncertain, as it can create a sense of momentum and urgency.
    • The alternative close: This technique involves presenting the buyer with two or more options for closing the sale, such as different financing options or closing dates. By giving the buyer a sense of control and choice, this technique can help increase their level of commitment to the sale.
    • The trial close: This technique involves checking in with the buyer throughout the sales process to gauge their level of interest and commitment. By asking questions such as “How do you feel about the property?” or “Can you see yourself living here?“, agents and brokers can gain valuable insights into the buyer’s mindset and adjust their approach accordingly.
    • The urgency close: This technique involves creating a sense of urgency around the sale, such as by highlighting the potential for multiple offers or emphasizing the benefits of acting quickly. By creating a sense of scarcity and urgency, agents and brokers can help motivate buyers to take action and close the deal.
    • The value proposition is close: This technique involves emphasizing the value and benefits of the property to the buyer, such as its location, condition, or potential for appreciation. By highlighting the unique selling points of the property, agents and brokers can help persuade buyers to close the deal.


    Closing real estate deals more efficiently requires a combination of skills, strategies, and techniques, as well as a commitment to building strong relationships with clients. PixelShouters can help you reduce the time it takes to sell a property and achieve constant progress in your career. We hope our post has given you insight into how you can close more real estate deals in less time with the help of digital technology. By staying organized, communicating effectively, and leveraging the PixelShouters Services, agents and brokers can help increase their chances of closing real estate deals more quickly and effectively.

    Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out in the industry, there is always room for improvement when it comes to closing real estate deals in the industry. 

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