Mastering Tone Mapping in HDR Photo Editing: 5 Techniques for Stunning Results


I. What is Tone Mapping?

A. Definition and Purpose

B. Role in Preserving Details

Exterior Photo Enhancement

C. Different Approaches to Tone Mapping

II. Principles of Tone Mapping

A. Dynamic Range and Compression

B. Global vs. Local Adjustments

C. Maintaining Natural-Looking Results

III. Techniques of Tone Mapping in HDR Photo Editing

A. Tone Compression

B. Local Contrast Enhancement

blue hour sky

C. Color Mapping

IV. Tools and Software for Tone Mapping

B. Features and Capabilities for Tone Mapping

V. Best Practices for Tone Mapping

A. Understanding Image Histograms

B. Balancing Contrast and Saturation

spot tool

C. Avoiding Artifacts and Halos

D. Experimentation and Practice


Key Takeaways:

Closing Thoughts:

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